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Seizure event diary and so much more!

Seizure Diary

The Seizure Tracker event logging tool consists of four sections. Most data points are from checkbox selections. There are options for customization through the "Other" option which includes a remembered text field. There is also the option to record notes on the Trigger, Description and Post event sections.

Data Points
- Time of event
- Length of event
- Seizure Type
- Flag it (highlights event in reports)
- Video link (if enabled)
- Mood (at time of event)
- Location Long/Lat (if using mobile device and is enabled)
- Changes in Medication (including late or missed)
- Overtired or irregular sleep
-Irregular Diet
-Alcohol or drug use
-Bright or flashing lights
-Emotional Stress
-Fever or overheated
-Hormonal fluctuations
-Sick (customized description and remembered)
-Other (customized and remembered)
-Trigger Notes
Event Description
- Had an aura
- Loss of urine or bowel control
- Change in awareness
- Automatic repeated movements
- Loss of ability to communicate
- Muscle stiffness in right arm, right leg, right side, left arm, left leg, left side, or whole body
- Muscle twitch in right arm, right leg, right side, left arm, left leg, left side, or whole body
- Other (customized and remembered)
- Description Notes
Post Event
- Unable to communicate
- Remembers event
- Muscle weakness
- Sleepy
- Other (customized and remembered)
- Post Seizure Description Notes

Additional Tools

The medication schedule consists of information entered by the user to track antiepileptic medications and their dosages. These can later be graphed against the seizure activity in the report section.
Data Points
- Medication Name
- Total Daily Dose
- Dose Unit Types
- Start Date
- End Date or Active
- Notes
Rescue medications are any unscheduled medications administered to stop a prolonged or recurrent break through seizures. The rescue medication schedule consists of information entered by the user to track antiepileptic medications and their dosages. These medications are represented as a tick mark on the graphs included with the reports.
Data Points
- Medication Name
- Dose
- Dose Unit Types
- Administration Date
- Administration Time
- Notes
- Associated Seizure (when using mobile app quick capture feature)
VNS Therapy is delivered by a generator similar to a pacemaker and a thin wire that stimulates the vagus nerve in the neck. The vagus nerve then sends these pulses to the brain to help control seizures all day, every day. Physicians will adjust the settings to meet the needs of each individual. A handheld patient magnet offers additional seizure control for some people. By briefly holding the magnet over the generator when a seizure is coming on or during a seizure, the seizure may be stopped or shortened in duration or intensity, as well as the recovery period shortened. You can collect and reference the implant device settings on Seizure Tracker along with when the magnet is swiped to stop or prevent a seizure.
Device Setting Data Points
- Start/End Date
- Implant Model Number and Date
- Output Current
- Signal Frequency
- Pulse Width
- On/Off Times
- Side Effects - Including: Hoarseness or Voice Changes, Neck Discomfort, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Mood Changes, Weight Changes, Other.
- A Tolerability Scale
- Settings notes section
Magnet Swipe Data Points
- Output Current
- Pulse Width
- On Time
- Swipe Date
- Swipe Time
- Associated Seizure
- Impact on Seizure
The Diet History tool allows users to collect information surrounding the Ketogenic, Low Glycemic, Modified Atkins and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) diets.
Diet History Data Points
- Diet name
- Start/End Date
- Ketogenic Ratio
- MCT Oil intake goal
- Calorie intake goal
- Fat intake goal
- Carbohydrates intake goal
- Protein intake goal
- Diets perceived effect on seizure activity scale
- Side Effects - Including: Decrease in Appetite, Kidney Stones, Poor Weight Gain, Abnormal Glucose Levels, Constipation, Reduction in Bone Density, Pancreas Inflammation, High Lipid Levels, Immune Function Impact, Liver Function Impact, Lack of Energy, Nausea/Vomiting, Metabolic Acidosis, Low Vitamin D, Other.
- Tolerability Scale
- Notes
Ketone Level Data Points
- Level
- Type: Urine/Blood
- Test Date
- Test Time
Glucose Level Data Points
- Level
- Test Date
- Test Time
Collect and compare menstrual cycle information to seizure activity in your Seizure Tracker account.
Data Points
- Start of Menstrual Cycle
- Progesterone Level
- Basal Temperature
- Suspected Ovulation
- Date
The Birth Control/Pregnancy History tool allows users to collect information surrounding birth control usage and pregnancy.
Birth Control Data Points
- Method
- Start/End Date
- Reason for not using
- Reason for using
- Why stopped using
- Notes
Pregnancy Data Points
- Last Menstrual Period date
- Birth/End date
- Label: Intended/Unintended
- Outcome
- Notes
Visit the Epilepsy Birth Control Registry website for more information on Special Considerations for Women with Epilepsy.
Collect and compare epilepsy related medication blood levels to seizure activity in your Seizure Tracker account. These data points are include in report graphs.
Data Points
- Medication Name
- Blood level of medication
- Date of blood draw
- Time of blood draw
- Planned draw level (Trough/Peak)
Collect and compare epilepsy related event triggers or "Daily Variables" in your Seizure Tracker account. This tool allows users to record the description of a possible trigger and the time it was recorded. This tool is not incorporated into the seizure event but attached to a daily entry. Things recorded by day (and not event) could include: missed medications, diet irregularities, etc.
Data Points
- Free Text Area
- Variable Date
- Variable Time
Users of Seizure Tracker have the capability of keeping a daily journal and including those notes in the reports created on the site.
Data Points
- Free Text Area
- Date
All Seizure Tracker diary forms have a corrosponding printable form. Visit the the "Printable Diaries" page to access PDF or MSWord downloads.